Veterinarian Experience

At River Oaks Animal Hospital, you can expect a different type of veterinary visit. I opened the hospital after realizing the need for personalized pet care and attentiveness to the pet parent. This stemmed directly from my own experience with pediatrician offices and my desire for them to “know” my children, not just see them as the next appointment. It dawned on me that pet parents were looking for the same experience. So the philosophy of excellent customer service, personalized pet care, and relationship building was born.

I completely understand the joy that pets bring to our lives and so my team celebrates that human-animal bond. By educating pet owners and advocating the best possible care for our patients, we demonstrate our commitment to animals, to their family, and to our community. My team is constantly improving themselves so that we can further nurture that bond. In the past couple of years we have become a Fear – Free Certified Hospital and will soon be the first Human-Animal Bond Certified clinic in Horry County.

Pets are only half of the equation, their guardians are the other half and making a visit to my hospital a great experience is my passion. In today’s society, customer service is a dying art and we are working hard to turn that around. By focusing on great preventative care, educating you on your options, and providing progressive medical services, we are the team you need to keep your pet healthy.

We are so grateful for all of our wonderful patients and friends and look forward to welcoming you to the River Oaks Family!

-Dr. Heather Duncan, DVM

River Oaks Animal Hospital is a veterinarian located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We provide pet wellness services, health care services, diagnostic services, pet dental care, boarding, grooming and emergency services at our veterinarian clinic.

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