Maintaining good oral health can add years to your pet’s life and make their years more comfortable and happy. The following are signs and symptoms of poor oral health: persistent bad breath, pawing at their mouth, loss of appetite, tarter, bleeding gums, loose or missing teeth, and difficulty eating or chewing. River Oaks Animal Hospital services include dental cleaning, polishing, full mouth radiographs, and if needed extractions and deep cleaning. Periodontal disease is a disease that every cat or dog can and will most likely have, making routine and preventive oral cleanings necessary.

It is almost impossible to practice veterinary dentistry without dental radiographs! Radiology is the most vital tool in dentistry and are essential in making an accurate diagnosis. Two thirds of our pet’s teeth are under the gingiva and are not able to be seen. Radiographs allow assessment of the teeth, the surrounding soft tissues, the joints, and the bone and keeps us from missing important abnormal pathology or disease. Our dental cleanings all include dental radiology.

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