All About Kidneys

By Heather Duncan, D.V.M. Today we’re going to talk about kidneys and their role in dogs and cats’ health. So what do the kidneys do? Well, you know most of us think they help make urine and you’d be right. However, they do a lot of other functions as well. There are many things that we don’t even think about […]

How to Feed Your Pet Correctly

By Andrea Pennington, D.V.M. The number one mistake that we pet parents make when it comes to feeding our pets is we feed too much. Obesity by far is one of the most common lifestyle diseases that we veterinarians see on a daily basis and here’s the thing, it’s entirely preventable.  All you have to do is make sure you […]

Heartworm Basics: Disease, Prevention, Treatment

By Heather Duncan, D.V.M. Heartworms are parasites that are carried by mosquitoes.  In South Carolina, we see a significant heartworm population due to our increased mosquito problem which is a year round concern.  Transmission occurs when mosquitoes bite an infected animal and then bite a dog.  At that point they inject heartworms through their bite wounds.  Around six months later […]

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