Staff of River Oaks Animal Hospital

Veterinary Assistant Loren GittoLoren Gitto, Veterinary Assistant and Day Spa Specialist

Loren Gitto joined the team at River Oaks Animal Hospital in May of 2015. As a Veterinary Assistant and Day Spa Specialist, her responsibilities include bathing dogs, assisting during examinations, prepping for surgeries, and assisting with diagnostic procedures. She enjoys meeting new people and pets, as well as being able to help sick animals feel better. Loren has a Veterinary Assistant certificate from Brookdale College.

At home, Loren has a pit bull named Titan and terrier mix named Sandy. She enjoys going to car and truck scene events, working on cars and trucks, and taking long walks with her dogs.

Veterinary Technician Victoria LoughmanVictoria Ann Loughman, Veterinary Technician

Victoria Loughman joined River Oaks Animal Hospital as a Veterinary Technician in November of 2015. Her responsibilities include assisting during surgery, post-operative recovery, triage, dental cleanings, and diagnostic procedures. Building relationships with pets and their parents is her favorite aspect of the position. Victoria has a Veterinary Assistant certification from Lancaster Career and Technology Center and is currently enrolled in San Juan College's Veterinary Science program.

Victoria has a cat named Angelus. When not at work, she enjoys volleyball, gardening, going to the beach and spending time with her daughter Jordyn Rose.

Brian Tracy Client Service SpecialistBrian Tracy, Client Service Specialist

As River Oaks Animal Hospital's Client Service Specialist, Brian Tracy is responsible for greeting our clients, data management, scheduling appointments and following-up with clients, maintaining inventory, organizing Wellness Plans, billing, and "being awesome." Brian has a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy from Coastal Carolina University and he joined our team in August 2014.

"I enjoy seeing our wonderful clients each day, especially the patients that come to us originally as puppies or kittens and are now fully grown," says Brian. "I also like the close-knit support of all the staff. We really are a work family!"

Brian has two dogs: Ivory, a pit bull, and Whitney, a boxer mix. When he's not at work he enjoys cooking, hiking, traveling, playing video games, and spending time with his wife and dogs.

bindiBindi, Resident Cold Blooded Employee

Bindi is our on-site bearded dragon. You can usually find him in his habitat, where he calmly observes the goings on in our clinic. Bindi's job is to show clients that reptiles make great pets, too—and to eat crickets. He loves going outside on his leash and eating fresh dandelions.

SmoogieSmoogie, Dr. Heather's Personal Chair Warmer and Resident Grumpy Cat Impersonator

Smoogie can be demanding - particularly when he wants food or attention - but deep down, he's a great big lover. His unique haircut and expression may lead some to believe he's unapproachable, until he approaches you. Smoogie is older and has heart disease that is manageable with the right attention and care.

When he's not busy napping, Smoogie enjoys playing with cotton swabs and indulging in catnip.

SofiaSofia, Original Clinic Cat

Accept no substitutes - Sofia is the original clinic cat at River Oaks Animal Hospital. Sofia's official duties include playing fetch, holding down papers on Dr. Heather's desk, and drinking out of faucets. She has Diabetes Insipidus, which makes her a great learning tool for new staff members.

Sofia has an independent spirit, but when she wants attention she turns on the charm. She enjoys wrestling with Fig, playing fetch and enjoying catnip in her spare time.